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Nice to meet you, my name is Kosaburo Kensho!

I work as a knife sharpener in Ishikawa prefecture. Utilizing our many years of experience and skilled techniques, we are committed to finishing our customers' knives in the best possible condition.

Cutlery plays an important role in our daily life. Sharp knives such as kitchen knives and scissors are indispensable for smooth and safe work such as cooking and handicrafts. However, the blade may become dull or lose sharpness over time. At times like this, the technique and polishing method of sharpening knives become important.

I do not allow any compromise and work carefully and meticulously. We choose the best sharpening method according to the type and material of the blade, and pursue high quality. It is also possible to customize it according to the customer's request and usage. We hope we can help you make your favorite cutlery shine again.

We also sell knives from Aoki Hamono Seisakusho's Sakai Takayuki.
Takayuki Sakai is one of Japan's leading cutlery manufacturers, and its quality and technology are top-notch. Takayuki Sakai's knives are made with carefully selected materials and traditional manufacturing methods, and are popular with many chefs and cutlery enthusiasts for their sharpness and beautiful finish.
Takayuki Sakai's knives will make your cooking experience even richer.

Please use my techniques and information so that your knives will continue to shine sharply forever. We look forward to hearing from our customers. Please feel free to contact us for any details.

I would like to enliven the world of cutlery, which is my mission, while sharpening and proposing knives with all my heart. Thank you very much.

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In this blog article, we would like to provide useful information such as how to sharpen knives, maintenance tips, and how to choose a kitchen knife. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or consultations regarding knives.

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