Collection: Nanairo Masao

Product Name: Takayuki Sakai INOX Nanairo PC Handle Japanese Knife Brand: Takayuki Sakai Blade: Molybdenum special steel Handle: ABS resin Coated with antibacterial agent Features: Sakai Takayuki Nanairo series, which was born from outlets for cleaner and more beautiful, rust-resistant molybdenum special steel In order to eliminate the drawbacks of the conventional wooden handle, ABS resin is used, and the paint containing antibacterial material is painted in Echizen to make it colorful.
The blade is made of rust-resistant molybdenum special steel and is polished and edged by a Sakai knife craftsman to provide sharpness that will satisfy even professional workers.
Choose your favorite knife from 14 different designs and 56 blade lengths ranging from 210mm to 300mm.
*Dishwashers, dryers, etc. cannot be used as there is a risk of deformation or detachment of the handle.
*Please be careful of discoloration when washing with acidic or strong detergents.
Uses: Home to professional use (stainless steel)


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