Kensho Kosaburo Company Overview

What is Kensho Kosaburo ...
We are an excellent distributor of Aoki Knives (Sakai Takayuki Knives).
The kitchen knife is also sharp from the pin. In today's world where cheap mass-produced products are rampant, knives that are really sharp,
I started selling with the desire to introduce really good things.
We sell all products of Aoki Knives (Sakai Koyuki Knives).

Business contents "Kensho" Kosaburo is a specialty store for sharpening cutlery such as scissors and kitchen knives. For both commercial and household use, dull knives will be sharper than new.
It is a waste to cook without knowing the true sharpness of the kitchen knife. Also, sharpening knives is the ultimate eco-friendly method. A knife for home use costs about 500 yen (the amount varies depending on the length), but it is much more economical and environmentally friendly than buying a new knife.
Kosaburo's wish is to make cooking easy, enjoyable and delicious.
We will deliver the sharpness of the impression! !

There are many people who do not know how to use knives, how to use them, and how to choose them. Kosaburo believes that it is also his mission to convey the proper purpose, usage and selection of kitchen knives. We also work directly with manufacturers in Osaka and Sakai to deliver products and information as quickly as possible.

Sales activities <br>I regularly visit supermarkets in Ishikawa and Toyama to sharpen business trips.

Business method <br>In addition to sharpening business trips to supermarkets, reception by mail / home delivery, business trips to events, etc. Food, sharpening business trip to sewing processing factory. As well as guidance and training of owner sharpeners. And cutlery sales such as kitchen knives.

Company name: “Kensho” Kozaburo Established: July 1, 2011 Japan office location: 39-42 Chi-39-42, Iwade-cho, Kanazawa, Ishikawa, 920-0171
Representative: Mitsuo Koshiba Number of employees: 1 Business description: Blade sharpening service and sales of kitchen knives, scissors, etc. Main bank: Kanazawa Shinkin Bank Main customer: Aoki Cutlery Co., Ltd.